Notice on Industrial and Commercial Registration procedures for Joint Construction of Mines in the United States

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Dear mine co-construction users:

Our company has completed the work on substations, transformers, and mining box projects in the co-construction of the mine in the United States, which will start power in the third quarter. Users of mining co-construction shall submit to the accounting firm for local registration in June, and corresponding shares will be made according to the actual contribution of users. The identity information, email address, contact information, and wallet address of USDT (TRC20 address) of the users of co-constructed mine shall be confirmed by email ( or via online customer service. The company which has co-constructed the mine (tentative joint venture name: CONSENSUS MINING INC) will distribute USDT/USDC dividends and operation data every month. An email will be sent to you on the 28th of each month.

Thank you for participating in advancing and developing together in the North American market!



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